Happy Valentines Day!

Being snowed in almost all week sure does not make a girl feel very girly and valentines-y! Thankfully the sun has come out, so maybe I can get my car out and get to the mall for a pretty date night outfit :) One very big thing has happened recently that I have not blogged about- I got engaged on Christmas <3 So this will be our millionth Valentines day together, but our first as a betrothed couple. I made a little printable if you’d like to download it:


Just click to enlarge, save and print! This song has been in my head for days, not that I mind. I’m also on the hunt for a new printer and scanner to step up my art game. This painting is so much prettier and richer than my scanner gives it credit for. I’m thinking this printer which everyone who sells prints on easy seems to be obsessed with, and this scanner which had really good reviews.

And speaking of upping my art game, I’ve registered for my first SCBWI event!

From the website: “Are you ready to take your career in illustration to the next level? Are you working on a dummy, revamping or beginning a portfolio, ready to put together a successful marketing campaign? This could be just the program you’ve been looking for!

Um Yes, and yes! As nerve wracking as it is to have my art critiqued, this is also the kick in the pants that I need- I will actually make goals and figure out how to get where I want with my art. Or they’ll tell me to not quit my day job- at least I hope that they are honest with me. My portfolio is tiny but I am really trying to work on it even though school and life keeps me busy. I am also supposed to have postcards ready by then to hand out, which I must get a move on with! Ok I have a lot to do- until next time!

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