Snow Day!

Unfortunately in the age of the internet I don’t get to completely take this snow day off, I still have to sign on to my class website and hand work in- but at least I don’t have to be at school all night like I usually am! Today we finished up Valentines for my sons class-


Busy at work! We looked around on Pinterest for a while, but wound up kind of making something up as we went along. I cut out pink and red hearts from construction paper, and he stamped and decorated them- with spider-man stamps and stickers of course. Nothing says Valentines Day like spidey ;)



We then glued them to a large popsicle stick (since we have a million of them).



We also glued some black hearts to the other side to make it more finished looking.



We made a special one for Grandpa-



He would not make a normal face at all, but thats ok. Also when taking photos I should probably make sure he wears matching pjs..snow day rules!

We made these in two separate days, he had to make 22 altogether I think! Writing his name became especially boring for him, so some were finished up by me. All in all though he had a lot of fun, and even learned how to cut a heart out by folding the paper and cutting half a heart out (drawn by me) it was like he just witnessed magic :) So fun to watch him!


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