Tomie dePaola Illustration Award

Now that school is over and done with for the year, I can concentrate on Christmas and Art- two of my most favorite things <3 sigh. Excuse me, I’m in bliss right now. The house is decorated (almost) all of the gifts are bought, and plus I get to have my adorable niece over for a sleep-over. It wasn’t always like this for me- it used to be waiting for that elusive and mysterious christmas bonus to start shopping. How much would it be and when will I get it? Will I even get one this year? Ever get a bonus on Christmas Eve? I have.. What time is the mall opened until on Christmas Eve??

Its kind of a good thing to go through that-not only am I (and my boyfriend) extremely thankful, but as a business owner he hands out those bonuses before the worry sets in ;)

Ok so onto some Art! I promised myself that the time that was spent on schoolwork while at home shall now be spent on my portfolio. Its a law punishable by self-loathing and regret. So yesterday I sat down while my son was napping and went onto the SCBWI site to see what the illustrator’s intensive prompt was for the winter conference. Something caught my eye about the Tomie dePaola Illustrator’s award so I clicked it. According to the site: The Tomie dePaola Illustrator Award, is given annually to an illustrator of promise chosen by Tomie himself. The award consists full tuition, transportation and accommodations to the New York Winter Conference held in Manhattan. The winning piece of art will be featured at the annual winter conference in New York.

Sounds awesome right? The deadline is…today! Of course, I work best under pressure so I got right on it! I used pencil and watercolors- thoughts or comments? I kind of love it-its weird like me :)

Here is the prompt for the 2013 award:

Over the past few years, the picture book seems to be geared more towards the very young crowd. With this in mind, here is this year’s task:

Illustrate a poem (see below) in full color for a book of poems that will be “pitched” to parents to read to their babies, toddlers, etc.



A sneeze

Is a breeze




Watercolor -Submission for the Tomie dePaola Illustration Award
Watercolor -Submission for the Tomie dePaola Illustration Award


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