Ka-ching! That is the sound of boxes being checked off, and lists being crossed- or is it ka-chink? Either way, it the end of the semester, another three classes checked off, final assignments crossed off-things moving along and wrapping up. I’ve made a million (or was it just six?) christmas elves to sell on Etsy, and they’ve all sold! Ka-ching! My brain is all over the place so please excuse my crazy. I would love to add an elf pattern (which I’ve started) to Etsy but I cannot find the time. I would love to finish decorating for christmas and bask in the clean decorated christmas house for more than one week this year. I would also love to finish some more art! Two more finals next week, plus a trip to Manhattan to see the tree and windows. A bit more shopping, then on to the glorious cleaning/wrapping/baking part of the holidays that I love! So close, so so close- how can I possibly study? I’ve just got to push through, like I always do and think about how there are only two more semesters until student teaching- just a few more boxes to check off…

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