No laminator? No problem!

I used to love love love Highlights Magazine. I remember when I was little reading the stories and comics, and especially loved the games and puzzles inside. When I recently cashed in all of my Pampers Rewards (since my son has been out of them for about a bajillion years)- I had to order High Five magazine by Highlights, I love that it still has all of the same goodies that I used to love, but in an age-appropriate way.

One of the things that he’s really into is the games that they include on the last page. Last month it was a memory style matching game, and this month it’s a three player board game, which is perfect for me, him and his sister. ( I am a ‘work widow’ so its usually just me and the kids for stuff like this)


Its the cutest game- perfect for the cold weather that has come on full force lately around here. The artist is Kevin Zimmer- you can find him at . Its just yummy to look at and play with.


The game is easy too- there are a stack of cards that each player takes turns flipping over. The player on the card gets to move up a space. Of course my 3 year old wants them to “catch up” to each other, so it usually ends in a tie ;)


For our game, I decided to use a teacher trick and seal them with contact paper. You just expose a little contact paper, lay down the game pieces, then cut out the row. Expose more contact paper and lay the game piece contact paper row sticky side down on top of the new contact paper. Press, seal, and cut out all of the pieces. Now you have a laminated game that should last!


For the game players, I added some washi tape to the bottom to keep them standing up.


Make sure your little one is occupied before starting :D


Have fun!

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