Hello, I’m Alison and I have a confession…I’ve been an absentee blogger my entire online life. Even in the days of Livejournal I was more of a commenter than a post-er, or even worse a lurker! I think the reason might be that I don’t actually like to write about myself or my feelings- I prefer to bury them deep deep inside ;) I do like to post my art and my crafts, and used to be really into even doing craft swaps which are so fun! (I really need to get on another one of those soon!) I’ve realized that I really need to get my stuff together if I am serious about art- and a web presence is a biggie in the art world! I haven’t even really had one place for my art on the web in years, I have been concentrating on other things (school, crafts, kids, moving) and now its time to do this for real. There is one lonely picture in my portfolio as of today, but my goal is to have a complete ready to show by february. There is a conference for writers and illustrators in NYC in february, joining SCBWI and actually attending and showing it is a different story! Between school, two children and my obsession with making everything myself it is a big task, but somehow it has been working for me. I have to be a little stressed out to give my best, ya know? So tomorrow will be less about me and more about how I made my son’s Jack Skellington costume for Halloween!

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